Ready to Serve!

Going to Work on Day One!

It will be my great honor and privilege to serve you as your Secretary of State.

I will use my vast knowledge and experience to provide the best services for the taxpayers of Michigan. I will honorably serve you.

While serving, old fashion values will be my guide: hard work, high ethical standards, honesty, integrity, and complete dedication to those I serve.

Best Qualified and Most Experienced, To Get the Job Done.



"Stan is a proven leader with years of experience as a public servant and community activist and will bring the utmost integrity to the office of Secretary of State. Stan is committed to improving the government's quality of customer service for Michiganders, as well as ensuring Michigan elections are run fairly and efficiently. Stan's knowledge, work ethic, and integrity make him the perfect choice for Secretary of State. I am happy to endorse Stan Grot and I hope you will join me in supporting him."

"I'm endorsing Stan Grot for Michigan Secretary of State. He's proven to be more than qualified to perform the duties of the office, both as Assistant Secretary of State and in his current role as Shelby Township Clerk. He is fully committed to putting an end to voter fraud in our state, and is the only candidate who has a plan to restore integrity to our elections in Michigan. I'd like to encourage my fellow Michiganders in the 1st District to join me in supporting Stan Grot for Secretary of State."

"Stan Grot has been an outstanding leader in the Republican Party for many years. We are very fortunate to have him working on our behalf. I appreciate his dedication and service to the Michigan GOP and I hope you will join me in supporting him to be our next Secretary of State!"

"Stan Grot is a dedicated and committed public servant, his core conservative values and his commitment to the constitution is very commendable. Stan will serve us as our next Michigan Secretary of State with honor and distinction. One of Stan's top priorities is to provide the best customer service for the taxpayers of Michigan. I am confident he will do the job well."

"I first met Stan Grot 40 years ago. He is one of the hardest working individuals I've ever known, and has put his time and energy toward helping us build a stronger Republican Party. I'm endorsing Stan Grot for Secretary of State because nobody will work harder than him in serving the people of Michigan."

"Over the past few year, I have had the honor of working with Stan Grot to promote conservative ideals in southeast Michigan. Stan is dedicated to keeping Michigan in Republican hands, and is going to continue the successes of the past few election cycles. Stan is the best candidate for the Secretary of State's office, and the only candidate that is going to turn out conservative voters. With Stan Grot as our nominee, we are going to keep the Secretary of State's office in Republican hands."

"Working with Stan Grot as a fellow district chairman has shown me that he is the best candidate to win the Secretary of State's office in November. I have seen firsthand the hard work Stan has put in building up the grassroots through his precinct delegate recruitment efforts. Stan was vital in getting Macomb County to go red in 2016, and he is going to continue that trend into 2018."

"As a member of State Committee, I have had the pleasure of working with Stan Grot. Stan has demonstrated his resilience to conservative values and bringing more people into the Republican party. 'Stan Grot's Plan for Voter Integrity' is exactly what we need in the Secretary of State's office as we work to preserve one of Democracy's most important aspects. This is why I fully support Stan Grot's campaign to be the next Secretary of State of Michigan."

As a conservative, I am happy to endorse Stan Grot for Secretary of State. Stan has been directly involved with the conservative grassroots ever since I met him, and he has been vital to the successes of our movement in the 2010, 2014, and 2016 election cycles. 'Stan Grot's Plan for Voter Integrity' is going to bring stability to our Secretary of State's office. Stan is the best candidate we have to make sure one of the most important state offices does not fall into liberal hands."

"I have known Stan Grot for 40 years. He is a man of principle and works hard every day to ensure Republican victories up and down the ballot. Stan is the right man for the job of Secretary of State of Michigan. He has already recruited hundreds of new people into the Republican party this cycle and is going to continue that work through the November election. With Stan Grot on the ballot, the Secretary of State's office is going to remain in Republican hands."


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